Cups + Film

Cups + Film

XRF Sample Cups


AddspeX offers sample cups that are developed in cooperation with specialists from the industry and made by a top Dutch producer of spray-casting applications. The sample cup consists of two plastic cylinders and a top cover, held together with a three-way connection part. When the cup is assembled according to the instructions, the distance between sample and X-ray tube will always be constant. This guarantees an optimal reproducibility. Tests performed on different X-ray spectrometers can only confirm this.
The XRS sample cup not only guarantees an optimal performance of your X-ray spectrometer, we also guarantee a very fair price and a fast delivery from stock.


  • Analyze a wide range of elements:
  • Boron to Uranium (4kW WDXRF)
  • Sodium to Uranium (CG EDXRF)
  • PPB-level elemental detection limits
  • Simple 3-step process: pipette, dry and analyze
  • Easy-to-use EZ Analysis user interface
  • Minimal hazardous waste
  • Non-technical operation
  • No routine recalibration
  • No gases or acids
  • No digestion
  • No filtration


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